Vaping has definitely taken over the pedestal of cigarettes and tobacco. Truly, in almost everywhere we look, there is at least one person who puffs and exhales vapor through the battery-operated or electronic cigarettes. Many people did the switch because of a number of reasons.

Some converted to e-cigarettes because unlike the actual stuff, these deliver nicotine through a vapor rather than the combustion system of traditional cigarettes. They believe that it is generally “safer” and has lesser harmful effects on their health.

Others liked vaping better because it appeals to their ‘adventurous’ side. Compared to the traditional method of smoking, one can actually produce “clouds”, “waterfalls” and summon “tornadoes” with vape. Many thrill and creative vape users have developed more complex tricks which forms vapor into different shapes and sizes. The Vaping community has taken it to the next level—showcasing their talents and creativity with every vapor they exhale.

Moreover, vaping also offer a lot of options—taste-wise. The e-cigarettes’ fluid or ‘juice’ come in many flavors and variations. Surely, you’ll find your favorite!

There are many options to choose from depending on your preference, mood or personality. A recent study of e-cig users found the three most popular flavors to be fruity (31%), tobacco-like (22%), and sweets/dessert (19%), with savory/spice flavors (5%) rounding out the top four.

Here’s how to find which one will suit your personality:

For the Newbie Vaper:

The Tobacco flavor is probably the best bet for those who are transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping. It is also the least versatile and least surprising. They’re available in regular and menthol to accommodate any amateur vapers’ taste. The average e-cig user who still smokes cigarettes may not stray away from tobacco flavors at first, but once they officially get rid of cigarettes, it usually leads to experimenting with three or more flavors at a time.

For the Laid back, relaxed type:

The most popular flavor or variant of e-cigarette juice is—surprise, surprise: the fruity ones. This is probably the most popular version of flavored e-liquid because of its versatility with its classic balance of sweetness and tanginess—just like the real fruits only in vapor form. The beauty of vape liquid is that the concentrated taste disperses by the time you exhale, so your vapor is never too sweet. You’ll want to come back for seconds after every puff.

For the Adventure-seeker:

If you are the type of person who always wants the tone of surprise, the perfect match for your personality is anything unconventional—go mix and match! One of the beauties of e-liquid flavors is that there is no limit to the ways you can mix and match two or more juice flavorings. If you don’t want the hassle, there are a lot of unconventional and unusual flavors offered in various stores.

For the sweetie-pie:

Go for the sweets/desserts flavors! If you are definitely a sweet tooth (confessed or not), nothing is better than combining desserts and vaping? Imagine puffing any ice cream flavor, or any kind of pie or cake. Who says heaven is not for real?! You will not worry about the calories too!

For those who say yes to everything:

The limits do not exist! You can try anything and everything. Since your personality will likely want to try anything at least once, try every flavor each time or combine it in one puff! Mix and match! Invent your own flavors! After all, vaping is all about finding your own adventure, blending and mixture just for your fun.