The atomizer is the part of your e-cigarette unit which is responsible in turning the e-juice into the inhalable vapor as you know it. Just like everything else involved in vaping, there are a myriad of options in the market, which allows you to customize your vaping style. For beginners, this can be very confusing and overwhelming.

Understanding the different types of atomizers is crucial when deciding what set up is right for you, especially when you are still figuring out your preferences when it comes to e-cigarettes. There can be a lot of information to digest about the vaping industry, but through research and reading, you will know each type classification, its benefits as well as its cons for each type of vape user. After all, you should have an informed decision before making your next purchase.

You might wonder, why is there a lot of choices for the type of atomizer? Does it really make a noticeable difference? This wide selection allows for greater customization of your individual vaping experience. Since each individual atomizer is different from the next you should consider the various advantages and disadvantages of each in order to decide which is right for you.

One of the biggest considerations every vaper needs to think about before selecting a new atomizer is whether they prefer an atomizer that is disposable or one that uses replaceable coils or rebuildable coils. Here is everything you have to know about the different types of atomizers available in the market today.

Disposable Atomizers

As the name implies, disposable atomizers are the ones that can be used limitedly. It is most commonly used and preferred by newbies, and the kind that is most commonly sold in gas stations and smoke shops. It is also the kind of atomizer that is most commonly included in a vape starter kit for new users.

Although you won't experience an exceptional amount of vapor and flavor, their inexpensive nature, along with being easy to use and even easier to know when it's time to throw them out, makes them a good first choice.

These disposable type allows vapers to enjoy it with a minimal cost. Since it is disposable, it is relatively cheaper than the other types. However, because the atomizer does get replaced so often, it becomes more expensive over time to keep purchasing them. Another thing to consider is that because they are designed to be frequently disposed of, they come with none of the features that are found on their more expensive counterparts.

Replaceable Coil Head Atomizers

Replaceable coil head atomizers are more ‘permanent’ than the disposable ones. When it’s time to change the atomizer, a single screw will make it possible. Though they may cost a little more than the disposable atomizers, it is well worth it as they have several features that the others do not.

Pyrex glass and its ability to control the airflow make this a much more customizable vape. These atomizers also allow its user to change flavors in a simpler process because they can be washed out easily. So, if the idea of customizing your vaping experience excites you, you may want to focus on the selection of rebuildable atomizers instead.

Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizers, or popularly called RBA, are atomizers that offer you the most control over your vaping experience. At the same time, this is the type which enables you to get bigger clouds and better flavor.

Most commonly, these are the types of atomizers you see on a box mod or other mechanical mods. While more expensive than the others initially, in the long run this atomizer saves you a lot of money. After the first purchase all you need to keep yourself going is a supply of Kanthal and your choice of wicking, which can be bought in bulk at very low prices, all things considered.

When it comes to using it, rebuildable atomizers do come with a learning curve, which many find to be time consuming. But, others disagree and think the trade off is well worth it. Some hobbyists even invest time in building unique coils that are capable of different outputs. With the option to choose your coil and wire sizes, coil resistance, and wicking, you can truly individualize your vape mods.

The key difference between these and other types of atomizer is that rather than screwing pre-built coils into place. This means that users will need to wrap your own coil and insert the wick yourself—literally a DIY atomizer head.

There are indeed quite a lot of choices and variety when it comes to vape atomizers. Choosing which type of device is best for your needs isn’t always easy, but as a general rule, for a new vaper it’s hard to beat a tank system, sub-ohm or not: they’re easy to use and offer great performance, and some are well-suited to beginner-friendly devices. For long-term vapers looking for the best performance, sub ohm tanks and rebuildables are hard to beat. At the end of the day, you should choose whichever type you’re most comfortable with, or which one suits your style and personality best.