Every year, more and more smokers are converting to vaping due to the numerous health benefits it offers. At the same time, many regard to it as the ‘healthier’ alternative to tobacco smoking, especially for those who are having a hard time quitting the habit of puffing and blowing.

However, many newbie vapers can’t help but feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the information they need to study and learn in order to vape safely and enjoyably. If you are new in vaping—or planning to join the bandwagon soon, here are some of the most essential things you have to know:

Choosing your Ejuice


Buy high quality Ejuice

One of the most important thing you should know when selecting your ejuice is that it should be bought from a reputable manufacturer. True enough, some ejuices may be hard on the pockets, but its quality and taste is incomparable to those cheaply produced ones. Aside from that, the lower quality e liquids may contain impurities and other chemicals, which can post a threat to your health. Keep in mind that the ejuice you will choose can only dictate your vaping experience in the long run. It’s worth putting down a little extra money for a high-quality e-liquid from a manufacturer with a good reputation for cleanliness and using pure, medical-grade nicotine and food-grade ingredients.

Know your PG/VG ratios

Although this bit may be a bit confusing, knowing the right percentage of PG and VG ratio of your preferred ejuice is worth it. The ejuice’s PG and VG ratio can affect the flavor and the vapor you will produce when vaping. Here’s the thing you have to remember:High VG e-liquid produces thicker smoke and smoother hits, but will often clog your vape’s atomizer more quickly than low-VG juice. Low VG e-liquid produces smaller clouds, a richer flavor, and a deeper “throat hit,” which many smokers and former smokers prefer.

Find a go-to flavor, but don't be scared to experiment

There are many e-liquid flavors out in the market, and everyday they increase. Beginners could always change the ejuice they use, but, it would be helpful to have one that is their go to flavor.

Taking care of your Device and Battery

Disassemble Your Device at Night

Although some may find this task tedious and pointless, many expert vapers recommend this tip. According to long time vapers—who have a lot of experience with broken tanks and faulty devices, It’s a good habit to get into of removing your atomizer, or vape tank, especially if it was recently filled with e-liquid. This will help prevent any leaks or spills that are known to occur from time to time. If juice makes contact with your button, or into the battery itself, this could result in death of the device.

Check your battery connections for e-juice build up

Unscrew your battery and check for any dirt or e-liquid residue on the parts where the battery and atomizer contact one another. If there is a build up, wipe off the gunk with a cotton swab or cloth, and don’t forget to clean out the threads, too. By regularly doing this inspection, you can ensure that your battery and vape work properly for a longer period of time

Empty and clean out your e-liquid tank regularly

Experts advise this tip because if you don’t, you are likely to experience leaking, build-up, and bad flavor. Cleaning it is simple, disassemble your device, pour out excess e-liquid, and then rinse your tank, atomizer, and mouthpiece under hot, running water. You should do this at least once a week, or more often for more avid vapers.

Always keep an extra set of batteries charged

Investing in an extra set of batteries can help you save more money in the long run. Having a spare lets you switch them out when your current battery dies. Studies have found that overcharged batteries die and deteriorate faster compared to those which are not. At the same time, having an extra lets you vape while you impatiently wait for your e-cigarette to charge. It’s also a good idea to keep extras in your purse, home, and at work so you’re never caught without without one.