When e-cigarettes came to popularity in the early 2000’s, a lot of tobacco smokers was encouraged to finally quit smoking and to use “vapes” instead to save themselves from the excruciating consequences of their rather harmful and deadly vice. At this point, it is safe to say that e-cigarettes have already established itself as one of the safer and healthier alternatives to smoking.

In the U.S alone, more than 9 million American adult consumers used e-cigarettes or vapor products on a regular basis. From residential homes and commercial establishments to almost every corner of the streets, it’s extremely evident that many are already hooked on the habit of vaping. But despite its high acceptance in our society today, it faces the same level of stigma with smoking, and many could easily get annoyed if ever they pass across one.

Now having said that being a vaper doesn’t come with no responsibilities. Just because it’s a lot safer and smells a lot better than tobacco cigarettes doesn’t mean that you can just vape whenever and wherever you want. In this post, we will discuss how you can be a responsible vaper to avoid getting reprimanded in places you vape, and more importantly to avoid annoying others.

The Reason Behind Conscious Vaping
As said earlier, not many are well-aware of the difference between the vapor release in an e-cigarette and smoke from tobacco cigarettes, despite the number studies that support the former. And we cannot blame them for that since they are not the one who will benefit from using it, right?

To change this stigma, us vapers should start showing others that vaping is certainly different to cigarette smoking and is much favorable in so many ways.

Though it may seem too daunting at first, it is extremely important to change the public opinion and perception towards the positive side because it serves as one of the bases on where the authorities will allow us to vape amongst other things.

Basic Etiquette of a Vaper


  • Be Aware of where your vapor goes. Don’t use your e-cigarette in a place with many people so as to respect their personal space.
  • Keep your device away from children and make sure that your vapor will not reach them.
  • Understand that not all people are fond with vaping and with vapers.
  • Be a responsible vaper for the sake of vaping community
  • Always ask permission when handling or using another vaper’s e-juice or device.
  • Don’t vape in smoking-restricted areas, unless you get permission.
  • Always be aware when using high-powered e-cigarettes.

Venues for Vaping

Home – This is the place where you can vape even in the wee hours of the evening, so feel free to create your own rules. Just remember that of all the people, your family should be the one you respect first. Be mindful, however, if there are any state regulations that prohibits the use e-cigarettes inside private properties. Related: The Most and Least Vaping Friendly Cities in the US.

Driving – There are states that extremely prohibits the use e-cigarettes inside the vehicle. As a safe practice, never use your e-cigarettes while driving, since it impairs your visibility and leaves residue on your windshield in the long run.

Public Places – Be conscientious when smoking in public places such as parks or bus stops. Yes, vaping a vanilla-flavored e-juice is a lot better than smoke, but not all people has the same taste as yours so better keep your vapor away from the public.

Commercial Establishments – A lot of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops allows vaping inside their premises, depending on the rules of the country or state. Always ask a staff if you’re allowed to use your device within their place to make sure that no shopper or diner will get annoyed by your vapor.
Public Transport – Vaping on buses, train, and planes is typically not allowed. If it’s not banned yet, it’s likely that someone will confront you and ask you to stop.

Vaping Around People

Children and Pets – Obviously, vaping around children is a big no-no. Studies also show that the PG content on e-juice can have adverse effects on cats and to a lesser degree, dogs – which can lead to anemia. Avoid vaping around children and pets, and make sure that keep your device and e-juice out of their reach, as some e-cigarettes can become a fire hazard and nicotine is can be toxic.

Non-Smokers – If you’re out with a new friend or colleague, ask first if it’s okay to them if you vape around them. A lot of studies have already proven that second-hand vapor is safe, though not everyone knows this.

Smokers – Never ever criticize a smoker for their choice, because most probably, you’ve been in their position once in your life. Once you spot that they are interested in vaping, explain them the benefits but be careful not to be too condescending.

Vapers – Whatever build they use, respect their choice. At the end of the day, we belong in one community and it means that we have to respect each other’s choices. Use their personal kits with extreme caution, and don’t forget to offer yours too.

“Respect begets respect,” says the old saying, and true enough, being a responsible in everything you do ensures that people still uphold their respect to you, regardless if you’re a smoker or a vaper. As much as possible, help other people gain more knowledge about vaping but keep it as simple as possible because no one likes being preached at. Cloud chasing may look cool to other people but can get too intrusive for some, so it’s better to keep it in private.