In the vaping world, one of the common terms that we usually encounter is “throat hit”. Though quite confusing for non-users, throat experience simply refers to the feeling that you get when you inhale nicotine.

Throat hit is one of the critical factors that convinced many people to quit smoking and switch to vaping instead. And truth be told, without this slight harsh sensation, ex-smokers would have to find vaping as an ineffective cessation method, and would have gone back to smoking eventually.

In fact, in a recent poll from Ashtray Blog and Vaping Post, it was revealed that 78% of respondents said that throat hit is “important” to “very important” in their vaping experience.

The same report also showed that 66% of the users have used e-juices that have higher nicotine concentration when they started, and then switched to a lower nicotine level as they mature in vaping.

It might seem simple at first, but achieving better throat hit experience is quite tricky to accomplish, especially for beginners. But regardless of whether you’re new in vaping or not, here are the six actionable steps on how you can modify your throat hit experience today.