The Best Way to Clean Your Atomizer

Many people have converted into using vape instead of the traditional tobacco cigarette because of its reusable function, which in the long run means less expenses regardless of how much you use it. When the topic comes to how reusable it really is, one argument lies on how hygienic it will remain after a few uses. At the same time, how does it perform in the long run. Keep in mind that keeping your vape device’s components clean ensures that you get maximum flavor on every hit.

When To Clean Your Vape Device?

Ideally, simple rinsing and cleaning of your vape tank is something you should do each time you change flavors. This is to ensure that the flavor of your new ejuice is not going to be compromised by the last flavor you used.

It is also best to also make it a habit of giving your vaporizer a weekly clean up, fousing on the atomizer. What is the best indicator that you need to clean it? Anytime your device isn’t giving you the performance that you want.

Be consistent in cleaning your vaping devices to make sure you prolong its lifespan and enjoy the real taste of your ejuice flavors.

There are five easy ways of cleaning your vaporizers, which newbies or experts can do without a sweat:

Q tip wipe

This method is probably the simplest and easiest way of cleaning your atomizer. It requires just two things you usually find in your home: q tips and alcohol. For this method, you will be needing a couple pieces of q tips and enough isopropyl alcohol to dip the q tips into. Dip your q tip into the solution and gently wipe the atomizer, as many times as it takes to make sure no gunk remains.

Keep in mind that this method only works when you do it regularly, specifically when done after each session. But if you let wax build up and harden, you’ll need to use a deeper cleaning method, which is why it’s better in the long run to take a minute to clean your atomizer every day.

Soaking the atomizer

If you happen to be that busy to not clean your atomizer every day or after every use, you may find that the wax is all blackened and hardened like mineral deposits around a volcano. True enough, your q tip and alcohol combo can’t help you no matter how many times you do it. For more intensive cleaning, you should invest some energy into a deep clean of your atomizer.

While this is not recommended this for coil atomizers, the soaking method is totally fine and effective to removable coilless buckets like the ones seen in certain vapes atomizers.

Soak your atomizer for about 30 minutes or so in enough isopropyl alcohol, enough to cover all areas to the top. The wax will become saturated and break down next time you try to wipe it. If you do decide to soak a coil atomizer, make sure to dry it out really good before you vape again.

This will not be effective, however, for those vape mods that waited so long before it gets cleaned, that the wax has crystallized in between the coils of the heating rod. This needs another level of cleaning it.

Blow it Out

Blowing out the atomizer air hole is an unorthodox method that some swear by and most laugh off. This hilarious—yet effective method only really comes in handy if you’ve overloaded the atomizer and the air hole got clogged. Otherwise the airhole should generally stay clear. If you end up sensing a clog in the atomizer airhole, you can try blowing through the battery end of the atomizer into your sink.

But, make sure that before putting your lips on it, let it cool off—unless you want burnt lips. If you’re lucky, gunk will be sneezed out of the airhole and the optimal airflow will be recovered. If not, no worries.

The Paperclip Method

While q tips are meant for wiping down the insides of the atomizer, they are no match removing those hardened gunk you neglected cleaning. To clean the gunk out of the tight spaces like the airway, you’ll need to improvise a little bit more.

You will need a thin, but sturdy piece—like a paperclip, some cotton or soft fabric—thin enough to make it into the narrow hole. Wrap the paperclip with a piece of cotton or fabric to create a needle-like poke for clearing the air hole of your atomizer. Using this, you can gently scrape wax from the coil, or the little nooks beneath it.

The paperclip method which is used to clear the air hole will only really come in hand if you overfill the herb chamber. So make sure to use the appropriate amount of wax so you don't have to resort to these sort of extraordinary measures. 


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