As vaping grows extremely popular today, the public’s opinion and view on it gets widely divided. Some is fine with it, accepting and tolerating people who choose to use it in public spaces, while others share the same disapproval of it with the traditional cigarette smoking.

While most countries don't have regulating laws and designated places to use it, vapers should take it upon themselves and acknowledge that they should be aware and considerate of the people around them, especially when they choose to use it in a public sphere. Vaping responsibly and considerately can greatly affect people’s perception and reception of its practice, earning the public’s approval that it is indeed a better alternative to smoking.

To do so, here are some unspoken vaping rules every vaper should know and observe:

Don't vape where you can't smoke.

Don’t push it and try to reason out that smoking and vaping are two different acts. The vapor doesn't smell bad or smokey, in fact, it smells nice! It’s second hand smoke is not even dangerous—at least its not yet proven. Non-smokers may be appreciative about the lack of toxic fumes present when you exhale vapor, but that doesn't mean they are as receptive towards being engulfed in it. Parents may also be wary of you influencing their children to do the same. Bottom line, for the people who are not puffing, it’s equally the same.

Given this rule, thou shall not vape in shopping malls, movie theatres, and restaurants, just to name a few. You should also refrain from using your e-cigarette in enclosed spaces such as elevators, toilet cubicles, public vehicles and mass transportation units. Even if there are no signs explicitly saying ‘no smoking’, use your initiative and don't do it.

Don't puff and blow directly in front of others.

Never ever blow the vapor into anyone's face. That's just plain rude, and do you honestly want that to be done to you? The key to these rules is having respect to others, and realizing that you should never do something that you don't wish to be done to you.

It boils down to respect. Be respectful of non-smokers/vapers, as well as the e-cigarette users around you. If you’re not sure you can, ask if it’s okay. Asking for permission sets the ground for mutual respect, so don't hesitate to ask. You can even gain new friends with common interests as you.

Think about the scent.

Some ejuice flavors and scents may be too strong and pungent for others, especially if you’re sharing a common space. Keep in mind that you should also consider people who may not be sensitive to vapor and smoke, but sensitive to overpowering smell and fragrances.

Look after used cartridges.

Just like with everything, you should be responsible with what you leave behind. If your e-cigarette cartridge is empty, take the initiative and throw it in the proper trash bin. Keep in mind that these cartridges contain nicotine which can pose a risk to children and pets if left lying around the house.

Be friendly and don't be a vape snob.

Since it is a new phenomenon, people who see you vape can be curious and ask you questions about it. Be polite and friendly and interact with them. It will also be helpful if you Arm yourself with knowledge so that you are able to answer general questions the curious public may have for you.

At the same time, don't act like a “vape evangelist” and force your 'beliefs' on everyone else. You should also not be judgmental of other vapers who may use units that have a lower specs, size, design, or price compared to yours. It is not a competition.

At the end of the day, vaping should be fun for everyone—even for those who don't use it. Don't contribute to the negative perception of vaping and smoking by being impolite and inconsiderate of the public’s rights. Remember, it all boils down to respect from both sides.