Vaping, as it is called instead of smoking, delivers nicotine in the form of vaporized liquid, or e-juice. By switching to e-cigarettes, you are cutting out the harmful chemicals, carcinogens and tar that analogue cigarettes contain. Its these additives and byproducts that make traditional cigarettes harmful to you and the people around you.   Alternatively, electronic cigarettes are a cleaner method to deliver nicotine. The vapor that is exhaled does not contain the same harmful carcinogens as you would get with second hand smoke. Also, since there are no byproducts when you vape indoors you won’t have the cigarette smell on your clothes or in your car. Reference     Vaping as a Smoking Cessation Device By personal experience, vaping has been the most effective method for me to quit smoking. I was a pack-a-day smoker for 15 years. I had tried many times and different methods to quit. Patches we difficult to control the nicotine intake where it was too much or not enough. I would either end up smoking with the patch on, which is very harmful, or ripping it off and smoking. Then I tried nicotine gum. This was easier to control the nicotine intake and it satisfied the need for the on demand fix but it was still lacking something. It also gave me really bad hiccups.   What I needed was something that would provide the hand-to-mouth motion, that I was so use to, while delivering controllable intake of nicotine. That is what I found in vaping. Not only does e-cigarettes provide a clean delivery of nicotine but it also provides the psychological aspects that you get accustom to when smoking.   You vape at times when you would smoke, you have the hand movements, and you can exhale clouds of vapor. After 3 days of just vaping e-cigarettes, traditional cigarette smoke started to smell disgusting. After about a week my food started to taste better and my sense of smell started to return.   If you are ready to quit smoking then you are ready for nJoye Vape.