E-cigarettes are one, if not the most, satisfying alternative that a person can use to quit smoking. During the first few months of vaping, the last thing that some ex-smokers and first-time vapers would think of is having big clouds of vapor. But after a while of being smoke-free or after you got habituated to vaping, having thicker and sizeable clouds of vapor become more appealing.

Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can employ to scale-up the amount of vapor your e-cigs produce. In this post, we will discuss some of the simple tips that can significantly increase the vapor production of your e-cigs in seven easy ways.

1. Use More Powerful Device

If cigalikes no longer satisfy your vapor needs, then maybe it’s time for you to move to a more powerful device such as mid-size ego or Mods. These devices yield more vapor since they have larger batteries, better atomizers, and supports variable voltage as well.

Modded e-cigarettes like Box Mods are very much popular especially for those want to take their vaping habit to the next level. Many of these come with built-in powerful batteries and can be tweaked according to your vaping preferences. So, if you want to increase your vape’s vapor production, changing your device is certainly the first thing that you should consider.

2. Choose High-Quality Atomizer

Having the right equipment if one thing, having the right component is another. Your choice of atomizer can immensely impact the vapor production of your device, so it is wise to select one that can literally transform your e-juice into clouds. Sub ohm tanks or rebuildable atomizers are two of the most popular atomizers since they utilize lower resistance coils and can withstand more power going to the coil. Sub ohm tanks are much simpler to use and are comparable to basic cartomizers.

Rebuildable atomizers, on the other hand, are more complex to use since you need to assemble the wick and wire by yourself to start vaping, but it certainly offers greater performance and is more cost-effective in the long-run.

3. Increase Your Voltage

After you have yourself the right device and right component, the next step to ramp-up your vapor production is to increase the power output of your device by means of raising its voltage. This is simply because the more electricity that flows through the coil, the more e-juice is transformed into vapor.

However, too much voltage can easily damage or burn your coils, so it is advisable to start on low settings first, and then work your way up until you already identify which setting is the best for yourself.

4. Drop the Resistance of Your Atomizer

Another trick that concerns your atomizer is to lower its resistance. If you are using a clearomizer, it means using a replacement coil that has a lower resistance, and if you’re using a rebuildable atomizer, you have to make coils to lower resistance. Lower resistance atomizer or clearomizer allows more current to pass through the coil, resulting in greater power output- and higher vapor volume.

5. Use E-juice with Higher VG Content

Whether you use a vape pen or mod, using e-juice with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content is one of the easiest ways to increase the vapor production of your e-cigarettes. For beginners, e-juice is made up of 2 base ingredients- the Propylene Glycol which carries flavor very well and Vegetable Glycerin which produces thicker clouds of vapor. Using e-juice with a higher percentage of VG than PG such as White Berry Fluff by Bake It Vapor and Red by Black GOST Vapor can definitely increase your vapor production.

6. Pace Your Inhalation

Believe it or not- your inhalation style can style can make a difference on the amount of vapor your e-cigarettes will produce. If you are using a sub ohm tank or rebuildable with a lot of airflows, you can get more vapor from your e-cigarette by inhaling rapidly. This cools down the coil immediately which then maximizes the amount of e-juices being heated up. If you are using e-cigarettes which doesn’t have airflow control like vape pens, the best technique to employ is to take long, slow inhales. For cigalikes users, the technique to employ is to take longer and slower inhales and do a few “priming puffs”- the quick inhales before your main inhales- to warm up the heating coil and increase vapor production. Check this article for more inhaling techniques.

7. Increase Your Airflow

Another critical factor that can affect the vapor production is the airflow. The airflow in e-cigarettes depends on the size of the central chimney of its tank, as well as on its drip tip. First, the central chimney ensures that the coil functions correctly. Having a wider bore drip tips can immensely affect the vapor production as well. Unlike center chimney which cannot be replaced unless you change your tanks, getting new drip tips with a wider bore is much easier to execute.

There are other several- and much complex- ways to get higher vapor production on your e-cigarettes, but these six simple steps are more than enough to get the job done. Do you know any other tricks that can increase the vapor production of e-cigarettes? Let us know in the comments!